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And just like that, summer is over. I can’t believe how quickly the summer went by but I’m grateful that this week in Connecticut is still going to be hot and sunny for the most part. Speaking of hot and sunny… Seatttle was not that at all. Although the afternoons were sunny, they were definitely still a little chilly and the mornings were downright freezing and gray. It made me remember how much I love summer in New England.

Despite the brisk temps, there is something haunting and beautiful about the Pacific Northwest, especially in the bleakest weather. It was a special place to boogie down at my cousin Chloe’s wedding, enjoy our yearly family reunion, and sneak away for a night for our four-year anniversary.

My family (there are 20 of us) had rented a big house for everyone to stay in, but Anel and I knew that we would want a night to ourselves to celebrate another milestone. We booked a night at The Thompson last minute through HotelTonight and loved it. If you’re ever in Seattle, I highly recommend it. It had a hip, young vibe but the room and bathroom were gorgeous and quiet. Best of both worlds!

We went up to the rooftop in the morning to check out the view which you can see in some of these photos. Although we spent most of our trip with my family and doing wedding-related activities, I’ll share a few of my Seattle highlights as well.

The best breakfast we ate was at Oddfellows in Capitol Hill. My acpuncturist has me doing a month of 100% gluten-free (shoot me) so I was so excited when they had GF biscuits on the menu! Plus the barista made me a lavender earl grey almond milk latte which was even more amazing than it sounds.

The most special meal of the trip was our anniversary dinner at Canlis. I had asked three friends with very different tastes for restaurant recs for the big night and all three of them had Canlis on their lists. It’s one of the fanciest spots in Seattle for good reason. It sits on top of a big hill/mountain giving diners a spectacular view of the city, but that’s just the beginning. We walked in to beautiful piano music and maybe the best customer service I’ve ever seen at a restaurant… ever.

For the first time since I’ve been married, they pronounced our last name right! When I asked how our server knew how to say it, she said that the woman who had taken our reservation weeks before, wrote down the pronunciation so they would remember. A point for execution right there. Then the food was incredible. We opted for three courses instead of four (the only two options) but when they found out it was our anniversary and we had come all the way from Connecticut, they gave us a fourth course on the house. What?!

I also loved all the touristy things like a harbor cruise around the city, Pike Place market, the gum wall (so weird) and my absolute favorite, the mesmerizing Chihuly museum where I could have spent a whole day. I definitely want to go back to Seattle to properly spend time there and do a real food tour as there are a ton of amazing places to eat and drink.

I’ll be sharing more of my Seattle tips on HotelTonight soon. Stay tuned!

Also want to shout out the sweet followers who said hello in Pike Place. My uncles and cousins thought I was pretty famous after that so thank you for giving me some street cred at the reunion!

Seattle View


Latte at Oddfellows

Oddfellows Seattle

The Seattle Times

Pike Place Seattle

Dahlias at Pike Place Market

Ferris Wheel Seattle

Seattle Rooftop

Gum Wall Seattle

Public Market Sign Seattle

Chihuly Museum and Space Needle

Thompson Hotel Seattle

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