Lemon Stripes at Sankaty Lighthouse

Our trip to Nantucket last weekend was short but oh so sweet. As I mentioned earlier this week we were there with the amazing Lands’ End team to see the Boston Pops perform on Jetties Beach to raise money for the on-island hospital. It was a magical evening full of music, a fireworks show, endless glasses of rose, and an appearance from Kenny Loggins!

On Friday we arrived by (very tiny) plane at around 4pm and the epic heat and humidity forced us to head straight to the hotel to shower and have a glass of wine. We stayed at The Veranda House, a sweet inn which was a three minute walk to downtown which was awesome. They also had a beautiful breakfast spread and happy hour with local wines every night which we thoroughly enjoyed with Christina, the other blogger on the trip, and her husband.

The amazing Lands’ End team treated us to dinner at Oran Mor where we enjoyed roasted oysters, halibut, truffle pasta, and steak. It was as decadent as it sounds! I wore this look and didn’t need a wrap or sweater all night.

On Saturday morning, Anel and I decided to take a day for ourselves since we knew we’d be with my family all week and thought an alone day would be nice. We got up and walked to Nativ Made, a health-food/juice spot on Broad Street. I have a knack for finding green juice wherever I go! We fueled up with green smoothies and an acai bowl. It was another hot day. I wore this cute new ruffle top (love the back of it) to beat the heat and was so glad I did.

The bicycle shop was right next door so we rented a scooter so we could drive up to the Sankaty Lighthouse. It didn’t go faster than 30 mph, but sitting on the back of it with Anel driving down the most beautiful road on a sunny Saturday made my heart so happy. It reminded me of when we lived in the city and used to drive his Vespa to Central Park for picnics on weekends.

We checked out the Bluff Walk where we took the photos below with all the hydrangeas. We were going to walk the mile up to the lighthouse and then the mile back down but it was so unbearably hot that we didn’t even make it halfway. Instead, we drove up to the lighthouse, snapped a few pics and quickly changed our plans so we could get to the beach ASAP.

Per many of your recommendations, we ate oysters and lobster rolls at Cru which was one of my favorite meals of the trip! The kale salad and cocktails were also amazing. I loved everything about this restaurant on the water. Everyone told us we had to try the infamous homemade waffle cones and ice cream at The Juice Bar and I was surprised to find that they had a vegan chocolate flavor. It hit the spot that afternoon as temps crept above 95.

We quickly changed and raced to the beach where we promptly ran straight into the ocean and felt cool for the first time in two days. After a few hours at the beach we had to change for the concert where I wore maybe my favorite jumpsuit of all time which was as classy as it was comfortable.

After the concert, we had big plans to finally visit The Chicken Box (the bar on island) but by the time it was all over, the whole group was exhausted from a long day/the heat/lots of wine. We ordered a pizza and went to bed slash passed out.

The next morning we ate breakfast at the restaurant and picked up one more green juice for the road before we flew home. There is so much more I want to do/see/eat on this beautiful island so we’ll have to come back next summer!

Lemon Stripes in Nantucket

Sankaty Lighthouse

Pink Hydrangeas

J.Crew Seersucker Ruffle Shirt

Summer in Nantucket

Sankaty Nantucket

Lands End Jumpsuit

Ruffle Shirt / Shorts / Monogram Hat c/o / Cross-body Bag / Jumpsuit c/o / Sandals