All of the plaid

Plaid season is coming… slash it’s already here but it’s about to get here even harder if that’s possible. As you know, I have an affinity for plaid so I’m not complaining about it! I just picked up this shirt (in Cherry Jam) and got SO many questions about it when I posted it on Snapchat, that I had to include it in my list. The best parts? It’s under $50 and fits so swell. Be prepared to see a lot of it on here soon.

I also recently got these PJ pants and have been living in them now that it’s freezing at night. They’re only $39 and come in five colors. Great for a gift or to treat yourself! Anel and I are shooting our holiday card this weekend and I’ll be wearing this skirt for the photo. I also love this one for only $79. It would be perfect with black tights and pumps for a holiday party.

My puffer vest collection needs a new addition like Donald Trump needs more ego, but I might have to pull the trigger on this guy. It’s just too perfect! And at only $54, it’s a pretty sweet deal. Remember my other plaid vest from this post? I think it needs a friend.

I also love this clutch that you’ve seen me where time and time again (last seen here) and this cape that I wore this week. And I can’t stop wearing this poncho, that I wore pumpkin picking here.

Ok now I’m done… for now!

Cape / Puffer Vest / Red Coat / Scarf / Red Shirt / Flats / Green Shirt / PJ Pants / Skirt